29 Jan 16: Zika Virus Pandemic; what you need to know

29 Jan 16: Zika Virus Pandemic; what you need to know

Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press

Story 1: Zika Virus Pandemic; what you need to know. Yesterday, too close to home, citizens living in Puerto Rico, where 18 cases have been uncovered of the Zika Virus, women are being counseled not to get pregnant. We now have cases reported on the United States mainland; in the next weeks to months, American Women living in your neighborhood will be counseled not to get pregnant. If you are going to have a baby, now is the time before it is too late. Think I joking or blowing this out of proportion? Did you “notice” where Brazil ordered 200,000 troops…. I said 200,000 troops into action against it. We now have 31 cases in 13 States. We need an immediate travel ban from all countries where this disease is found. Hot spots include Mexico and Puerto Rico. This is a major viable Pandemic that will kill millions (especially as it mutates) and deform millions of babies. Besides being spread by mosquitoes, there are claims it is spread through human contact (under study).

Why am I the only major Presidential Candidate speaking about this? Can you figure it out?

This is another reason why I am calling for a one year moratorium on immigration, until we can sort this out.

Below are stories about the virus, and where it may have comes from. You should be asking yourself why this popped up so fast. Some people are calling the Zika Virus a False Flag and Agenda 21 attack by the New World Order; as President Kopitke, I’ll investigate.


Zika Virus Map: Where Is Zika in the United States?



Story 2: A Senator questions new law that appears to allow for Martial Law and the stationing of foreign troops on United States soil.

Senator Warns: Martial Law Bill Introduced

Story 3: Our trillion dollar jet (or billion dollar jet) is racked with junk components. I have written about this before.

Story 4: Another story on how SSRI drugs cause damage.

Story 5: Nice story of how the 1% use Trolls to attack Liberty Lovers.

I Was a Paid Internet Shill: How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion and Debate

Story 6: This story is a natural result of our monthly $30 billion dollar trade deficit with China; we are funding their Military.

Story 7: We hope this event goes peaceful.

Story 8: Here is another story of how most Americans are so far behind, while the top 1% make more money and push their New World Order.

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