22 Feb 16: Russia now has a better Fighter Jet than we do; I will fix this.

22 Feb 16:  Russia now has a better Fighter Jet than we do; I will fix this.


Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press


Story 1:  While we have a much larger annual Military Budget, Russia now has a better jet than we do. This comes from Democrats and Republicans taking so much money from Defense Contractors that they look the other way when it comes to proper Military Equipment.  They are more concerned that their 1% Political Donors get higher profit margins that giving our Soldiers in the field the best Military Equipment; I will change this grotesque policy that ends up getting our Soldiers killed and wounded.   The 1% wealthy allow our Military Strength to be depleted to protect their profits. They, and the Democrats and Republicans never send their children to the frontlines; they stand up and shout for wars (for more corporate profits).  Usually, they have never served in the Military. Those who shout “for war” are really only shouting for corporate profits for their political donors.  Yes, there is a time for war, but with Diplomacy, often wars can be averted.  As the only Presidential Candidate that has been posted overseas as an American Diplomat from my service in The United States Peace Corps, I can tell you that most people just want to raise their family in peace.  The second link is another story of how the Democrats and Republicans are trying to crush our National Security Manufacturing Apparatus by selling our Military Manufacturing to other nations.  See the second link for an article that will break your heart; I do not endorse the content as fully accurate, but some of it is; use your own brain and spiritual discernment.







Video: US not safe against ballistic missiles, despite billions spent on defense system – govt report



Story 2:  How Nixon-Obama Care has placed Health Care out of reach for millions of Americans.  I will reform Nixon-Obama Care.


Here’s your Obamacare: Hospitals now demanding patients pay up front before receiving treatment


Story 3: The “Vaccine Nation” documentary, enlightens Americans on how the Disease of Greed has compromised the safety of our Vaccines.  Please watch it and learn; you will never view vaccines again in the same light.  I support the need for safe Vaccines, but not unsafe Vaccines.  I will reform the FDA so Vaccines are safe again; we also need to have as serious debate and study on if we really need all of these Vaccines.  I will also support your right to refuse Vaccines.   The second video is about the Swine Flu hoax.  My friend in the United States Army received the shot and was left without feeling from the hips down (I declined the Vaccine).





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Spiritual Thought for the day:  While praying tells God what we want; He tells us to the do all we can, and then He will open doors for us.  Faith, Obedience to His Commandments, Service/Charity, Forgiving others, and ourselves, Repentance and the Atonement all come into play here.  There is no excuse for inaction.



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