5 March 16: American Journalist sentenced to 6 years jail after reporting inconvenient news about the New World Order

5 March 16:   American Journalist sentenced to 6 years jail after reporting inconvenient news about the New World Order


Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press


Story 1:  An American Journalist was sentenced to 6 years jail after reporting inconvenient news about the New World Order via his wbsite the “Republic of Montana.”  The FBI tracked him for 25 months, and in a sting operation they “caught” him buying a gun.  William Krisstofer Wolf, from Montana, with no prior criminal history (Red Flag right there; “no record” should mean a sentence of “probation”) bought a $725 sawed-off shotgun from an “undercover agent.”  So was this just another “set up” to throw in jail another American Journalist who tells the American People about the New World Order?  The FBI used a “paid informant” which means the testimony is questionable.   As President Kopitke, I will investigate.  Six years in jail for the purchase of a gun (Plus three years “supervision”)?    Here is an alleged quote from Wolf:  “I was entrapped and ultimately denied a fair and impartial trial amounting to a political persecution.”


Free Speech Matters; it should, and under President Kopitke; it will once again in our America.


It was claimed that Wolf made harsh statements against Police Officers and other such personnel from the government.    Peace is the only answer; violence is what they do; not us.  We have many honorable members of the FBI, BLM, CIA, NSA, etc; they are just following orders.  Pray for them and support them.  You want reform; support a path for true reform; that is my campaign for President.




Story 2:  The story below is about the desecration of the American Flag.




Story 3:   Here is yet another story about the ill effects of open porous borders;  under President Kopitke, we will secure our borders.




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Praise Ye The Lord,






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