17 March 16: Why Social Security is broke: The Rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes

17 March 16:  Why Social Security is broke: The Rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes



Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press



Story 1:  You have heard that the Social Security Trust Fund is going broke.  It really is to a certain degree.  The Social Security Disability Trust Fund is already broke; Congress now has to fund SSI from other sources.  You should be asking yourself: “Why is Social Security broke?”  It is because the Rich 1% don’t pay their fair share of taxes.  For example, on Tuesday, Billionaire Larry Ellison made $1.3 Billion American Dollars in one day.  Yes, I said$1.3 Billion Dollars in one day.  Now under the rules bought by the 1%, he only has to pay Social Security taxes on his first $119,000 American Dollars, and the rest is free.  So Larry, who made $1.3 Billion Dollars in one day, gets a free Social Security legal wavier on paying a Social Security Tax on $1.2 plus Billion Dollars.   Under my plan, there will be no “ceiling”.  Plus with my 10% Wall Street Transaction Tax, we would have gained over $100 Million Dollars for Small Business Grants, Student Tuition Payments, ect.






Story 2:   The New World Order has a plan; it is called Agenda 21.  Look it up if you have not studied it; view some videos on Youtube and from other sources too. Part of Agenda 21, and also Agenda 20130 is to force Americans off Farms and Ranches into cities where they can be more easily controlled.  Taxing Americans by the number of “miles they drive” is part of this dastardly plan.






Story 3:   This story shows how Medical Marijuana is a safe way to treat depression.






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