27 May, 2016: Breast Cancer; why do 1 in 5 American Women develop Breast Cancer


27 May, 2016:  Breast Cancer; why do 1 in 5 American Women develop Breast Cancer


We need Signature Gathers in Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, New Jersey and Arkansas at this time; this allows us to obtain Ballot Access.



An American Moment: Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press


Story 1:  Breast Cancer; why do 1 in 5 American Women develop Breast Cancer. Please watch and share the video below to learn.  You will also learn what I will do as President Kopitke to fight it.



Story 2:  The health crisis below is caused by the Disease of Greed that has so engulfed the Democrats and Republicans.  Our Immigration Policy is sold to the highest bidder; now we pay.  We pay in so many ways.  The article below shows the dreaded super bugs that are resistant to anti-biotics.  This is why I have proposed a one year moratorium on immigration.




Story 3:   The 2009 Democratic Party Recession results: More Americans living with their parents than in decades; 130 years you would have to go back to see a worse number.




Please Help me Save our Earth and Constitution; volunteer to help Collect Signatures for Ballot Access.


Praise Ye The Lord,






P.S. Please share PresidentKopitke2016.info with two other persons today.


Please read one verse from Holy Writ today at LDS.org.


Spiritual Thought for the day:   He lives. He lives to Bless us.  He lives to love us.  We should live to serve Him.


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