29 June, 2016: How Chemicals in plastics are destroying our American Bodies and American Minds

29 June, 2016:   How Chemicals in plastics are destroying our American Bodies and American Minds


We need Signature Gathers in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Mississippi, New Jersey and Arkansas at this time; this allows us to obtain Ballot Access.  We will open up more States as volunteers and donations step forward.  Please volunteer and donate.  Save now Your Constitution; or lose it.


An American Moment: Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press


Story 1: How Chemicals in plastics are destroying our American Bodies and American Minds





Story 2:  The Broken Immigration System is an intentional move by the Collaborators who have infiltrated our Federal Government and major corporations, to destroy our American Way of Life and our American Culture, and American Christianity (Teaching the Ten Commandments), to bring in a One World Government of a New World Order.  And you do not see this yet?  Come ‘on.


Nearly 1 million immigrants — including more than 170K convicts — ignoring deportation


Story 3:   How does our National Debt increase by $1 Billion Dollars in one single day; it is because the Democrats and Republicans are bought off they have lost their moral compass.   As President Kopitke, I will help the Democrats and Republicans become honest again, so that they serve the American People, and not just the 1%.




Please Help me Save our Earth and Constitution; volunteer to help Collect Signatures for Ballot Access.


Praise Ye The Lord,




Kopitke-Sorenson2016.com and PresidentKopitke2016.info


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Please read one verse from Holy Writ today at LDS.org.


Spiritual Thought for the day:   Remember to Love God by showing His love to others.


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