14 July, 2016: 62% of Americans, do not even have $1,000 in their savings account

14 July, 2016:  62% of Americans, do not even have $1,000 in their savings account


We need Signature Gathers in Colorado, Vermont, Utah, Idaho, Mississippi, New Jersey and Arkansas at this time; this allows us to obtain Ballot Access.  We will open up more States as volunteers and donations step forward.  Please volunteer and donate.  Save now Your Constitution; or lose it.



An American Moment: Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press


Story 1:  How the 1% takes over and controls the decision makers.





Story 2:  62% of Americans, do not even have $1,000 in their savings account; this is because prices are way too high, and our jobs are being shipped overseas through TPP and NAFTA, etc.  Also because we have massive monopolies that should have never been allowed to merge, or be bought-out.




Story 3:  We need to help American Refugees first; why do Americans born in the United States being treated as 2nd class citizens.  Oh… this is being done to destroy our nation, culture and history, in order to bring in a One World Government of a New World Order.


Illegal Aliens Receive Food Stamp Preference Over Citizens In 44 States




Please Help me Save our Earth and Constitution; volunteer to help Collect Signatures for Ballot Access.


Praise Ye The Lord,




Kopitke-Sorenson2016.com and PresidentKopitke2016.info


P.S. Please share Kopitke-Sorenson2016.com and PresidentKopitke2016.info with two other persons today.


Please read one verse from Holy Writ today at LDS.org.


Spiritual Thought for the day:   We come unto Christ by following His Commandments, and further doing His Will.


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