26 November, 2016: More Natural Health Doctor deaths; why is the 1% Mainstream News Media covering this up?

26 November, 2016:  More Natural Health Doctor deaths; why is the 1% Mainstream News Media covering this up?


An American Moment: 2016 Presidential Candidate:  Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Weekly Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press.

Story 1:  China now has a better missile than we do.  This is due to the Disease of Greed that engulfs the 1%, with their unquenchable lust for more profits – even at the risk of harming our National Defense capabilities.  This is why I ran for President.  We need a President that has Military Experience.  We need a President that will turn our Military Strategy so it is based on sound military Protocols and not Defense Contractor political contributions.  Danger here Jane and Joseph.




Story 2:  Green Energy; we should be doing  this here in The United States.



Story 3:   More Natural Health Doctor deaths; why is the Mainstream News Media covering this up?



Story 4:  there should be laws against hacking.



Story 5: The Justice Department appears to have fined a Police Force for not hiring non-Americans; yes I am serious.  What is going on here? This is so wrong on so many levels.

Obama Admin Fines Police Department For Not Hiring Non-Citizens

Story 6:  Another story the Mainstream Media is covering up to protect their owners and the profits of their owners.  Globalists pushing unsafe vaccines to ensure population reduction among Americans.

Gardasil, Considered The Most Dangerous Vaccine On The Market, May Soon Be Pushed For Infants


Story 7:  More unsafe vaccine news.  How can you just sit there and let them do this to your children and grandchildren?



Thank you for your Votes on November 8th, 2016, and for your Prayers and other ways of supporting us.  I was Blessed to finish in 24th place of all of the Presidential Candidates nationwide with over 1,000 Votes.  At 1,096 on this date.   Finishing in 24th place given that 1,786 persons filed a Form 2 (making a person an official Presidential Candidate) with the Federal Elections Commission was a great Blessing.  Thank you for that opportunity to serve.   Please visit my website at PresidentKopitke2016.info


Praise Ye The Lord,



Please read one verse from Holy Writ today at LDS.org.

Spiritual Thought for the day:  Please go to Church on Sunday, and feast at the Sacrament table; if you cannot go to Church; please feast with the Holy Scriptures in your home.  LDS. org has them online for free; just click on the “Scripture” tab.


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