28 January, 2017: Is our toothpaste safe?

28 January, 2017:  Is our toothpaste safe?


An American Moment: 2016 Presidential Candidate:  Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Weekly Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press.


Story 1:  Why are we not being told this about toothpastes; where is the FDA; are the bought off?   I hope not, but you have to wonder why this is allowed to happen.



Story 2:  Free thinking about the New World Order in Vermont.



Story 3:  Dastardly Agenda 21 and Agenda 20130 Globalist New World Order in action in California.



Story 4:  Alternative History: a cancer treatment that did not work; or did it?



Story 5:  Remarks by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about the CDC.



Story 6:  Interesting Autism Treatment article.



Story 7: Did Congress or the President sign off on this (or these)?



Story 8:  When I ran for President in 2016, I had a strong cyber security plan, which included separate webs for government, military and national portals.  We can’t wait for a cyber attack melting down a nuke plant before  we act; we must protect our nation by acting now.



Story 9:  Unique alternative media website.



Story 10: Interesting story showing the bleak future of Millennials due in part to high Student Loan Debt. Millennials, (18-30) are facing historic negative Net Worth amounts.  I proposed in my 2016 Independent Presidential Race, voiding much of this debt.  We need Millennials having babies and buying homes and new cars, not paying off to the greedy 1% and their political slaves, massive loan debts from student loans. Average Millennial Net Worth is -$17,612.



Story 11:  Another interesting article on the Great and Massive Student Loan rip-off by the Globalists and the 1%. This creates generations of American Economic Slaves.



Story 12:  The Student Loan mess and Economic Massacre is worse than thought; again; the Globalists in the Federal Government are caught lying to you by fudging the real numbers.



Story 13: Important Food Safety article on Salmon.  FDA not doing their job; other Federal Agencies too.  Cook it.



Story 14:  Good article about local banks, and the power thereof.

How to Cut Infrastructure Costs in Half


Story 15: Interesting story about the Rothchild family and their banking empire; never see this on the Mainstream News Media; wonder why???????  Protecting the Elites of the 1%of course.



Story 16:  We need to stand up and protect our water; it needs to be safe.



Story 17:  We need to stand up and protect our Food Supply from GMOs; it needs to be safe.



Story 18:  We need to protect our Veterans; this article is a national Disgrace. Why do the Democrats and Republicans sit back and allow this to happen?  Globalist Agenda; destroy our Veterans so the New World Order can move right in and take over; do something.



Before closing, I pause to pay tribute to Grissom, White and Chaffee of Apollo 1.  I remember watching TV that night, and a scrolled message came along the bottom of the TV screen saying that one Astronaut had died.  A few minutes later, another scroll that three had died.  Jules Bergman came on shortly.  It was like America had lost her innocence.  It was like we still could do anything, but there would be costs.


Thank you for your Votes on November 8th, 2016, and for your Prayers and other ways of supporting us.  I was Blessed to finish in 24th place of all of the Presidential Candidates nationwide with over 1,096 Votes.  Finishing in 24th place given that 1,786 persons filed a Form 2 (making a person an official Presidential Candidate) with the Federal Elections Commission was a great Blessing.  We finished 10th in Colorado.  Thank you for that opportunity to serve.   Please visit my website at PresidentKopitke2016.info


Praise Ye The Lord,



Please read one verse from Holy Writ today at LDS.org.



Spiritual Thought for the day:  Rejoice in the trials The Lord has Blessed you with for your Eternal Growth.  Praise Ye The Lord. Genuine selfless service to others brings in His Spirit of comfort and Inspiration and revelations; so serve joyfully.


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